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Best places in town to hire costumes for "Murder Mystery":

  • Camelot Costume Hire , 390 Riccarton Road, Christchurch
    Costume Calvacalle, 178 Manchester Street, Christchurch
    Court Theatre, Art Centre - Hours: (Mon, Wed 10am-4pm), (Thur 12noon -6pm), (Frid 10.30am-7.00pm)
    Fancy That, 54 Wordsworth Street, Christchurch
    Malthouse Costume
    Hire, 305 Manchester Street, Christchurch
    Panderas Costume Hire, 305 Manchester Street, Christchurch
    Petticoat Lane, 16 Harewood Road, Christchurch
    Showbiz Costumes, 11 Belfour Terrace, Christchurch (Mon/Thur)
    Sisters 3, 285 Cashel Street, Chr


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