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Bruce Meder






Bruce Meder has owned and operated "Murder Mystery" since 1995. Bruce is a highly experienced facilitator, having developed and taught the skills of facilitation since the 1970's. Combining this skill with his enjoyment of puzzels, intrigue and mystery, the development of "Murder Mystery" was a natural fit for Bruce.

Creatively, Bruce's strength is in allowing people's natural creativity to emerge.

" I set up scenarios so that the participants can be creative with their character. I'm not the up-front creative actor giving people something to watch". Humour too, is extremely crucial to Bruce's style. "So long as people are having fun and there's a lot of laughter then I have done my job" he says.

After well over 250 parties and approaching 8,000 participants Bruce still enjoys the fun of murder mysteries and the surprises that each one offers.

Introducing Fiona

Fiona occassionally steps into help Bruce facilitate parties either on her own or together with Bruce. Fiona is well suited to her role as she is an accomplished stilt walker, face painter and balloon sculptor. Fiona loves working alongside people to bring out the full enjoyment possible from any party.

Introducing Shad

Shad Rutherford is a further excellent presenter that Bruce can call on. A versatile and skilled entertainer in his own right, Shad brings a humorous and professional approach to the night.

Join the Team - Presently searching for a facilitator in Auckland.


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